Let me show you what I'm working with.

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Texplorer Micro-Influencer Program (Edelman - July 2017 to present)

According to Nielsen, 84% of consumers take action based on the opinions of others, above all other forms of advertising. Research also shows that 44% of Gen-Xers and 36% of millennials trust influencer content more than brand content.

On behalf of my client Travel Texas (Office of the Governor, Economic Tourism and Development), I evolved their existing influencer program into “Texplorer Road Trips” with the objective to more effectively reach US Gen-Xers and millennials living outside of Texas. These Road Trips take out-of-state travel influencers on a journey through multiple destinations to embrace Texas and bring its story to life.

Starting in summer 2017, I developed the strategy and led a team to develop and execute three Texplorer Road Trips, including a trip to Hurricane Harvey-impacted Gulf Coast towns in April 2018. In addition to hosting influencers, we worked with a videographer to capture video content for trip recaps and interest-based, trip-agnostic videos to promote Texas destinations throughout the year. To date, Texplorer Road Trip content has received 2.2 million video views and nearly 26 million impressions.

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  • Watch a Hurricane Harvey anniversary video (made from Texplorer footage) here

Website Redesign (Spredfast.com - March 2016)

I led the redesign of Spredfast.com that launched on March 15, 2016. By far the most challenging and rewarding experience of my career, I developed the strategy, managed an internal team of one designer, one developer and three content producers, and also managed the relationship of our Drupal design and development vendor, Lullabot. I developed goals for each page, created content hierarchies, managed budgets and timelines, acted as 'Scrum Master' (pretty cool, huh?), and managed approvals from the executive team, including the CMO and CEO.

A bird's-eye view of the different verticals that Spredfast serves.

Goals and strategy for the site redesign focused on increasing conversion, creating content that better explained Spredfast's company and software, and moving users through the site. It was kind of a big deal. We made the biggest changes to the following pages (and applied a new design throughout the rest of the site):

Wanna see what Spredfast.com looked like before the redesign?

Marketing Content Creation (Spredfast/Snaptrends - 2014 to present)

I've never held the title 'content marketing manager,' yet I've spent most of my career developing all sorts of marketing content for different companies. In the world of B2B software, sales enablement and/or lead generating content is an absolute necessity, and often there are WAY more content requests than resources available to do the job. This situation gave me the opportunity to dip my toes in and discover something I really love: creating short- and long-form marketing content.

Here are some samples— eat 'em up.

Blog Writing (Spredfast/Barkley - 2011 to present)

You like blog posts? Good. Me too.

I'm not above using a photo of my cat in a professional blog post.

Public Speaking

Indeed, I am one of those freaks who absolutely loves speaking in public. Perhaps a weird thing to have in a portfolio, but if you need someone to be an ambassador for your brand and present to groups of any size, I'm your gal. 

Most recently, my friend and colleague Jaime Netzer and I presented at the #AustinContent Meetup. We talked about the Spredfast.com redesign and the key role content played in the process. I don't have a recording of it unfortunately, but believe me when I tell you that it was a lot of fun and I enjoyed every minute of it.

... and there's more to come. Just you wait, just you wait.